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The popularity of online casinos has sky-rocketed lately despite the fact that gambling online is prohibited or restricted in many countries. The number of games is striking, starting from class games like blackjack and roulette online and new games like War,etc. The player has to have a reliable helper in order to understand what's what and that's where come in useful to help them not to get caught in various scams and understand the rules of the games and the principle upon which bonuses work.

Most Popular Online Gamblings Activities

Welcome! Whether you are looking for info on casino games, rules and benefits of playing in casinos online, we've got it all in here. Check out the amazing casinos we recommend that offer a fun experience for all its visitors.

Online Casinos Guide

Rank Casino US Rating Bonus
1. High Noon Casino allowed 10 $2000
2. Rome Casino allowed 10 $10000
3. Loco Panda Casino allowed 9 $4000
4. Club USA Casino allowed 8 $800
5. Las Vegas USA Casino allowed 7 $3000

Online casino undoubtedly has a number of advantages comparing with any land-based casino. The most favorite gambling promotion among the players is a great variety of casino bonuses offering different additional payouts and prizes like AllSlot Mobile Casino offers. Probably, the most popular one is no deposit bonus. It is especially popular among those who prefer to play free online games. The larger number of the gamblers in a particular casino is, the bigger the amount of bonuses and jackpots is. It is a commonly known fact that high roller players support online casinos best of all, and houses in their turn make everything possible to keep them on their sites. That is why you may be sure, that if you make huge bets and play a lot at a particular casino – you will get lots of bonuses and very attractive offers.

The casino bonuses and promotions are quite competitive nowadays, and encourage new players all the time. But be extremely attentive with them and always read the wagering requirements. This option helps online casinos not to be brought to ruins by so called bonus-hunters, who do not want to pay a dime for gambling. They just search for the casino with absence of wagering requirements and enjoy gambling as long as they get bonuses. After that they find other casino to play with the bonuses, which are still available.

There is great variety of different online casinos. Canadian Online Casino sites are the top online casinos for craps and other table games so if you are interested in craps, Canadian Online Casino sites are the casinos for you to choose. Once you learn different types of craps and basic craps strategy you'll be playing and winning in no time. You will also find a lot of slot-machine featured casinos, which offer to play only this game. But most of the casinos offer a full package of the most popular casino games to attract as much clients as possible.

If you love your Android and you enjoy mobile gaming - then you can now combine the two at All Slots Mobile Casino. This site combines the best of both worlds, offers the Android casino where you can play great games directly with your Android. Gambling is available here everywhere and you should not miss the chance to win some money!

Payment Method

With the surge in the popularity of online casino gambling, there has been a rapid increase in the number of operators. With a view to encourage players to return to their site, there are various bonuses that casinos have started offering. When playing online it is nice when you use your usual cards online.

Casino Cheating

Casino cheating methods are prohibited by the casinos, but still it is always fun to find out the ways people managed to cheat in the casinos. You will learn various cheating methods which are very risky for everybody who uses them. Be careful and have fun playing online and in real casinos.

Baccarat Strategy

Baccarat is a popular card game played at casinos, and usually occupies a playing area, separated from the main casino floor. Solid strategy offered by reputable casino guide only boosts the chances of the player to win the game. Learn the baccarat odds to increase the winning chances at any casino.

Slot Myths

Many online slot machine strategies are legit, such as Silver Oak Casino's Online Slot Strategies. However, much of the information circulating is false as sheer luck and the ability to manage your bankroll correctly matters here. Learn all the info on slots so that you can to win more often.