Craps Strategy

Craps is a game played with dice in which the players place bets on the results of the roll, or a series of rolls, of the dice. Craps is a thrilling casino game that runs purely by chance, though players do apply certain strategies to win the odds sometimes. Since it requires very little paraphernalia, it is often found to be a popular game at informal gatherings.

Different versions of the game are played in different settings. Street craps is played when people bet against one another, and this is usually played in parties or get-togethers. Casino craps is played when people bet against the "bank" and is played in the casino setting.

Basics of the Game

The game of craps is played with betting taking place before the dice is rolled. Players place a bet from a wide range of bets or wagers that can be laid as per the rules of the game. An otherwise simple game, the various types of wagers that surround it make the game more intriguing and probably even complex.

Players throw the two dice in turn and the one who throws the dice is known as the "shooter". This player's bet has to be at least as much as the minimum bet placed at the table. Apart from the players, there are usually four other participants in a game of craps - the "box man" who guards and oversees the game, the "stickman" who is responsible for collecting the bets and declaring the results of each roll, and two base dealers on either side of the table.

Types of Wagers

A long list of the types of wagers in a game of craps exists. Pass or Don't Pass is a wager for or against the dice, the Pass Line being the long arched section of the game table's edge that lies closest to the players. Come Wager and Don't Come Wager are for or against the dice but after the come-out roll. Odds Wager, Big 6 Wager, Big 8 Wager, Hardaway Wager, Horn Wager, Field Wager, Buy Wager, Aces Wager, Twelve Wager, Any 11 Wager, Any Craps Wager and Place Lose Wager are some of the other wagers in a game of craps.

Strategies to Play Better

Though the game of craps is based purely on chance, there are some tips avid players can follow to ensure maximum odds of winning. Newcomers should, for instance, remain with Pass Line wagers till they get better acquainted with the game. Players often practice rolling dice till they have better control over throwing a 7.

Pressing the bet is considered another excellent craps strategy. It must be remembered that to truly enjoy a game of craps, a well-designed strategy always gives a player the edge, and a better chance to win.