Poker Traditions

Nowadays with such a widespread of all kinds of poker it is understandable that the popularity of it brings a lot of stories and traditions. Currently there are a lot of places to choose from where to play. There are online casinos that you can play straight out of your house or elsewhere, you just need to have an Internet connection. But the game itself has a long history started with the Persians and their game of Aznaz. This gamed travelled with a Persian sailor to America and started to grow in this land of freedom.

After the American Civil War casinos became a very popular place to spend your time and money in, so number of poker players doubled. One of the poker traditions that even a former U.S. President Richard Nixon had mentioned is that you should not bluff. By bluffing people get really into their emotions and especially if they have bad cards, they can call them out easily. Players with good hand will never make any facial expression that can help their opponents to make a winning bet. Richard Nixon’s political campaign was financed by money that he made out of gambling during World War ll. Such results can totally be an argument to listen to this tradition of a calm player. One other tradition of poker is that is a cruel game. You should know who you are playing with.

From old stories there was time when a legend of poker Wild Bill Hickok was killed while he was playing and that happened only because of his bluffing. The nerves of his opponent weren’t strong enough to know the truth, so he killed Wild Bill right away. You can be not a poker player but still know some traditions of it. For example, do you know that the world’s largest stock exchange has some in common with a gambling game? New York Stock Exchange derived “blue chip” from a poker. Blue chip is the best stock that you can get. It is a stock that is going to be profitable all the times. As you know there are several chips in poker: white, red and blue. The last ones have the highest value and that is why a blue chip is a name of a stock that can help you to make the biggest amount of money. The other one tradition in poker is that casino industry always loves their players.

The more money you spend the more comfort you will get out of it. There is a name for such people as a whales or high rollers. They spend huge amounts of money, their bets are so high that casinos can offer to them even a private jet transfer or limo. The reason why a lot of casinos like to please their high rollers is that those players have a critical effect on casino’s income. So think about it, and maybe this very last tradition you will like so much that one time you will see a private black limo with a personal driver on your street coming to you to get you to play.