Slots Myths

Many online slot machine strategies are legit, still some of them are slots superstitions. However, many of the information circulating the internet are false.

Here, we pick 3 of the most common slot machine myths, and expose the absolute truths about them:

  • This machine just had a jackpot. So the next big payout will not be for a while.

    This popular theory has been around for quite some time. Since slot machines are programmed to pay out randomly, a player has the same chance of hitting the jackpot whether they have hit the SPIN button 5000 times or 5 times. There is no risk in playing a machine that just had a large payout.

  • Every spin is pre-programmed. If I picked the wrong machine, then I will defiantly lose.

    Wrong. Slot machines use Random Number Generators (RNG). RNG's choose what the slot machine will pay out for each spin. The payout is not decided until the player hits the SPIN button. This means that each and every spin randomly gives a player the opportunity to hit it big.

  • Clicking the handle will give me better results than if I used the SPIN button.

    No matter which one you decide to use, both the handle and button give you the same results. If you still think that one is luckier than the other, then use it-but know that there is really no difference.