Keno rules

Keno is a simple game that you can easily find in mostly all modern casinos. The exact name of the game was brought from China long before 19th century. And since then Keno speeded worldwide with different names such as lotto, bingo or lottery. Keno as for gambling game has some simple rules with help of those you can win a fortune from one dollar. That’s the main reason why it was so popular in past times together with other casino games like craps and baccarat. And even nowadays a lot of old people like to play this game and have really good time while playing. If you would like to try it there are some things that you need to start with. First, is to get a keno ticket with usually 80 numbers on it. All the modern keno games should have 80 numbered small balls that randomly display their numbers.

Keno Game Process

There are different kinds of tickets to choose from. You can have a Keno Way ticket, which is used when you are playing for several bets. The simplest one ticket is a Straight one or regular game ticket. A keno split ticket is a way to have a couple of straight ticket bets but all in one time. So as you have chosen your ticket, the second step, is to select from 1 to 10 numbers, so called ‘spots’. These spots are your bets. The very last thing to do is to wait and see whether the casino draws the same numbers as your spots. A lot of people use their luck numbers, such as birthdays and anniversaries to win this game. If so you will get paid depending on your bet and number of caught spots. And don’t forget about get your winning ticket to a dealer before another game begins, otherwise there is little chance to get your money.

Only if you are playing a couple of games in one time you can wait to the very last game of yours to exchange your ticket. Although, it is good to check with the stuff, so to not get yourself in trouble and be upset. You can also find online games to play keno, and for you to play those you need to check payouts before you actually will start to play. In real casinos you can find a video version of keno, slots machines that you can play. These are pretty easy to understand. You don’t need any strategy or skills to play those. The only one thing that really will be in charge is the amount of luck that you have and amount of money on your bank account. So go check on those and have a good luck while spending your time playing!