Card Counting Live Gambling Odds

Card counting technique is the ability of the player to determine positive and negative game score. The term is usually employs for particular games, such as blackjack and its variations. The aim is clear to count cards and wait to the convenient for player run (when high cards prevail).

Most Popular Card Counting Systems

  • Hi/Lo Count
  • K-O System
  • Back Counting
  • Group Counting
  • Hi/Opt.

The card counting helps players to beat the blackjack dealer and get the advantage over the casino. This activity is absolutely legal, although some people consider it to be the casino cheating method.

Card Counting Instructions

  1. Live gambling odds and tips strongly recommend the players to learn the games rules properly.
  2. Learn the game basic strategy and its charts (it is better to choose the Las Vegas standard game rules for 6-deck game).
  3. Buy and learn how to shuffle regular 52-card deck of cards.
  4. Try to deal the cards, as you imagine them in regular blackjack game, where gamblers try to get 21-points score.
  5. Notice the formed combinations.
  6. Learn the cards values.
  7. Memorize the basic strategy chart and make your decisions according to it.
  8. To find out the true count, divide the running count by decks' number left in the shoe.

Card Counting Warnings

  • Beware of different casino distractions - noisy bells, talkative bankers and annoying waitresses.
  • Practice card counting in well-known casinos with good reputation to increase you playing skills level and comfort one.
  • Accept offered insurance only if the count is more than +3.
  • Try not to drink much while you are counting cards.
  • Remember, that gambling can be addictive, so don't spend much time playing casino games.
  • Card counting is not prohibited by the laws, but the casinos staff doesn't like card counters and take special measures to ban their visits to the houses.