Roulette Rules from A to Z

Roulette Layout

Undoubtedly roulette is the queen of casino games. That is why it is impossible to find a casino that doesn’t offer roulette gambling. The game is played with a wheel that includes the numbers which vary depending on a variation of the game you pick out. It should be mentioned that in this game the number of players is not limited. Every roulette table includes the numbers, which are laid out in columns and rows. One half of those numbers are colored in red, when another half is black (except 0 and 00).

Roulette Betting

Every roulette table offers minimum and maximum of bets. Thus, each gambler is just to choose the table according to his/her betting range. Since the game is played with chips, the casino attendant converts players’ money into chips. When that procedure is finished, players are ready to start. Each player makes a bet and the croupier places that bet at some definite place on the roulette table. The moment the casino attendant calls out that the betting is stopped and bets cannot be taken any more.

Then the wheel spins in one definite direction and the ball is released in the opposite one. When the wheel stops, the roulette ball also stops on a definite number and the attendant calls out its color. That is practically the end of the game except for the croupier of the casino pays out some amount of chips to those gamblers who have managed to win and transfers another amount of chips to the bank. After that everything is repeated again.

House Edge in Roulette

Like any other gambling game, roulette has a house edge. Basically the house edge makes it possible for the casino to get its costs covered. When it comes to the roulette game, the house edge is represented by two numbers namely the 0 and 00. It means that each bet loses if the roulette wheel rolls either a 0 or 00.

Thus, the roulette rules are very simple and it is very easy to play the game. When you place your bet, your direct participation in the game is over. The only thing to remember when gambling roulette is the types of bets provided. Modern casinos offer two types of bets namely inside and outside bets.

Inside Bets in Roulette

The inside bets are those bets that range from single numbers to six numbers in a group. They got this name, because the chips for such bets are normally located inside the main block of roulette. The inside bets vary the following way.

Straight Bet is known as a bet made on a single number and the chips are located within the square of the number.

Split Bet is known as a bet made on vertical or 2 adjoining horizontal numbers and the chips for such a bet are located between the numbers.

Street Bet is called a bet made on the 3 row numbers and the chips are located on the row edge.

Square Bet is called a bet made on 4 numbers in some square layout. In this situation the chips for such a bet are located at the center of those 4 numbers.

Six-line Bet is called a bet made on 2 adjoining streets and the chips are located between those two streets.

Outside Bets in the Game

The outside bets are those on 12 or 18 numbers. They got such a name as the chips are typically placed outside the main block of roulette. There are the following outside bets.

Even Money Bet is known as a bet on eighteen numbers. They can be of three types such as:

1) red versus black;

2) first 18 versus last 18;

3) even versus odd.

For these bets the chips are placed on certain boxes outside the roulette main block.

Group Bet is known as a bet made on the first group, the second group or the third one of 12 numbers. For such bets the chips are placed on certain boxes outside the roulette block.

Column Bet is known as a bet made on the roulette vertical lines; and for such a bet the chips are located below the roulette column.