Poker hands

Poker players make hands out of the cards, like in your hand there are 5 players for every each of them. So these 5 players are poker cards. Such poker evaluation of five cards has a certain rank and can be ranked from the highest to the lowest. Suring the game the hands are compared and the highest one in rank beats all the others. As there are so many different version of poker across the world the ranking that uses is always the same. The way how this ranks deal with hands is very simple. The main key is a Theory of Probabilities well-known from school. So the lower probability to get a certain number of cards the higher it ranks that. The number one in rank is a straight flush. If on your hand is a sequence of five cards from the same suit you are a lucky one!

Next one is four of a kind. So this is when you get four 8s or 10s. Basically, it’s when you have all of different suit but the same kind. Then down the rank there is a usual flush. Five cards of the same suit don’t bother about the consequence here. For this combination it is not relevant. When you opened your hand and saw five cards in consequence don’t scream straight flush. You can get ashamed by that, if they belong to a different suit. This combination is much easier to get than the straight flush. As you remember what is the flush is here you can see a straight. Not the best one to have, but still can work for you to win your bet. For those who have fight with luck three of a kind will totally work to beat the casino. Three cards of one kind but different suits can still be profitable for you.

Now we come across the lowest combinations such as two pairs, one pair and high card. First two a pretty obvious from their name, these are basically a one or two pairs of the same kind cards. The High card is the lowest what you can get out of hand; it is the combination of five cards that doesn’t follow any of above mentioned. In this case you need to look the card in your hand that will be the most highest ranked. Usually it’s Ace or King. If your opponent have the same card, than you look on the second highest rank card and so on, till someone gets to win. Even though this last combination isn’t a winning one all the times it still can save you some money and win the game. So keep your luck tight, get prepared with all of the poker knowledge and tips that you can find and with all of that you can make a shout to quick and easy money.