Poker Winners

In all gambling games winning is the ultimate aim for all players. And if you are a player with a quite long experience and have played a lot of games, you know how hard it goes as it comes to a win when we talk about poker. Poker is a game of chance and skills that are met in one certain place in a specific time. That’s why it is so hard to become a poker legend winner. But still there are some people that did it and not even ones. Number one comes TeroAho a poker player from Finland with a nick name “Glade”. He showed an amazing skills and self-control during Irish Winter Festival 2012 Main Event and got himself a prize of 1 800 euros. Learn about most popular poker myths collected by thousands of players from all over the world.

Not bad you think? Then you need to take a look at Paul Febers this one lucky guy how many of us can call him won a fortune! This calm English man won 5 112.50 dollars for the 1st place in 25 000 GP Double Stack. Even though he as a person with a calm temper understands that poker is a nervous game, if you can stand this you will get paid good money for your patients. Coming next is a shy guy from Moldova, VyacheslavStoyanov who won 34 520 dollars for the 1st place in Sunday 200 000 Guaranteed. Again, if to listen to these upcoming stars of poker you can tell that a lot of this game is about self-control. If you will just keep calm and keep playing your game less mistakes you make and more profit you gain. A cold rational Robert Heidorn from German can tell you how easy it was for him to make his 35 632 dollars out of same Sunday 200 000 Guaranteed. It looks that not only temper but skills helped to out next hero became a lucky winner of 50 000 grans.

Leonid Orman from Russia got a jackpot by winning four consecutive $50K Craze Sit ‘N’ Go tournaments. And this smart guy says that he wasn’t even hoping that he would be able to get this far. Our last person in list will be young Raven Byrne who won $19,758.18 for the 3rd place in Sunday $200 000 GTD and $35 802 for the 1st place in the Sunday $ 200 000 GTD February. So if you’re a player and things didn’t work out very good for you last time hope that this lucky guys can impress you and give some inspiration to go further. Every other game is another opportunity for you to make a profit, gain success and experience. After certain period you will be able to get a lot of further than these guys did. And we wish you luck and trust yourself as you’re playing. The intuition helped a lot of professionals in poker. And as more experienced you get the more reliable it can be.